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Gina, She Means Business! 

"I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done.  I come from a strong family that has always believed in the power of hard work.  My qualifications include over a decade of  experience - four years on city council, local area planning councils and seven years on planning commissions and park and recreation commissions.   I have the dedication and tenacity to work towards creating jobs, continuing to support cutting edge school programs, and make public safety and quality of life a top priority."

"Windsor's unique character makes it possible to meet friends while walking on the Town Green, run into acquaintances at local businesses, strike up conversations with strangers and find entertainment of all sorts close to home.  Windsor residents are friendly, enthusiastic, and welcoming. It is important to me to be an active part of our community and give back to support and preserve our Town's unique character" -Gina

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