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— Mike Thompson

Gina acquired a great deal of experience dealing with local, county and state legislation when she served as council member for the City of Clearlake.  During this time she gained respect from the public as well as the law makers and government officials. — Bill Dodd
CA State Senator

Gina is always prepared and ready to work through complex issues while striving for the common good, even when parties have differing view points. An abundance of positivity, an open mind,  and her years of public service at various levels of local government make Gina a uniquely qualified candidate for town council. — Remy Canto Adams
Windsor Planning Commissioner

From the moment Gina Fortino Dickson was appointed to the Commission on the Status of Women, I have had the opportunity to see how invested and engaged she is in our community- not just the Town of Windsor but the entire County. Gina is a leader and very active participant in the work she takes on. She is great at analyzing issues and making well thought out recommendations to resolve problems. She is communicative and follows through on her commitments. I highly recommend her as Council Member for the Town of Windsor! — Janice Blalock
Chair, Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women

Gina Fortino Dickson is a great choice for Windsor Town Council. Windsor will gain from her experience advocating for children with PTA, and for women's justice work at the Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women. — Dianna MacDonald
Santa Rosa City Council Member, District 3

 Gina holds the values any community must cherish: Education, Experience, Engagement and Social Responsibility.  Vote Gina, A New Voice for Windsor.
— Marta Cruz-ConcepciĆ³n
Cloverdale City Council Member

Gina shows drive, enthusiasm and commitment to her community .  She brings community oriented experience, outside the box perspective, and she is an independent thinker who will gather input from all sides of an issue to make a decision in the best interest of the community. I strongly endorse Gina for Town Council.

— Jesse Chrisp
Business Owner/Attorney

— Herman G. Hernandez
Sonoma County Office of Education Board Member

— Evan Zelig
Chair of the Windsor Planning Commission

— Stacey Mattina
Mayor of the City of Lakeport

— Chris Rogers
Mayor of the City of Santa Rosa

— Susan Gorin
Sonoma County Supervisor District 1

Gina is a dedicated professional and takes the extra time to do her research to understand complex issues. I trust she will work hard for the betterment of her community as a whole! — Banyan Parker

Gina is an amazing female figure, not only is she intelligent, but caring towards the public. As an attorney and commissioner on the Status of Women of Sonoma County, she has proven countless of times that she has heart and genuine devotion for the community. — Ana Diaz
CA Notary

Gina is hard working and dedicated. She operates with integrity and a great sense of duty. — Terence Powell
Investment Program Manager and Financial Advisor
Melissa Imhaus
Windsor Resident
Stephanie Ahmad
Windsor Resident/WUSD Board Trustee
Michael Juric
Windsor Resident
Natalie Balfour
Windsor Resident
Carl Tennenbaum
Gina Radke
Uttara Pandya
Team Member
Erica Sharp
Windsor Resident
George Golfieri
President, North Bay Italian Cultural Foundation
Joe Palla
Cloverdale Council Member
Regan Masi
Oscar Chavez
Windsor Resident
Karla Fernandez
Hon. Daniel M. Hanlon, Ret.
Retired Justice, California Court of Appeal District 1
Rachael Day
Loan Underwriter
Shirley Zane
Former Sonoma County Supervisor
Tamah Hulett
Long Time Windsor Resident
Dominic Rosales
Windsor Resident
Sherry Steele
Tribal Member
Bette Fleishaker
Windsor Resident
Jen Alexander
Marketing Executive
Ben Lehr
Former Windsor Planning Commissioner
Bruce Okrepkie
Former Windsor Mayor
Mark Millan
Former Windsor Mayor
Denise Loustalot
Former Mayor of Clearlake, CA
Russell Perdock
Vice Mayor of Clearlake
Jessica Wood
Vice Chair of the Commission on the Status of Women
Zobida McCorquodale
Commissioner, Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women
Karen Giovannini
Windsor Resident
Roger Rude
Windsor Resident
Ariel Kelley
Vice Mayor-City of Healdsburg
Lorene Romero
Windsor Resident

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